plastic displayPlastic

When it comes to plastic displays, plastic display cases, plastic display stands, plastic display racks, plastic display hooks, plastic shopping baskets, plastic shopping carts, and/or just about any type of plastic store fixture or accessory, SPC Display Group works with everything from polystyrene and polypropylene to ABS and PVC, ensuring all our customers have a complete portfolio of materials and processes to choose from.

The SPC manufacturing campus dedicates 5,000 sq. ft. of space to injection molding, and has 15,000 additional square feet for profile extrusion and sheet extrusion. We also process acrylics, styrene and more. When you're looking for secondary operations for your plastic display, SPC has you covered – forming, punching, heat bending, whatever breed you need – all overseen by our quality assurance team. We're confident you'll always be satisfied knowing SPC keeps all our ducks in a row, whether they're plastic ducks, blue ducks, or any other kind of duck.