Markets - Grocery

markets grocerySince 1960 SPC Display Group has provided the competitive grocery market with successful store fixtures and POP displays. We understand the need for easy-to-change merchandising solutions that are modular and flexible. markets grocerySPC also recognizes how important trends play in this environment, and have expanded our product offerings over the years to support the move to increase non-traditional grocery items like books, magazines, DVDs etc.

The SPC design team has the experience needed to help with specialty wine and beverage racks; bread and pastry racks; gift card displays; produce shelves and tables; and end cap displays. Of course we also provide standard front fences; peg hooks; clip strips; sign holders; and dump bins and baskets. Furthermore, to serve the grocery market, we supply shopping carts and hand baskets.

Visit our portfolio to see a few examples of the many completed fixtures and displays we’ve built for grocery customers.