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Of course tubing and sheet metal cover the basics. But at SPC Display Group we do so much more, including stamping, textured metals, diamond plate, and applied finishes. Using state-of-the-art CNC and laser equipment, SPC can manufacture metal fixtures, metal displays, including custom metal displays, metal sign holdersand just about anything else you want made out of metal. In fact, we'll design and manufacture metal fixtures however you'd like, in just about any size and shape, and with just about any color and finish to help you better identify your flock.

Quality manufacturing processes are always in place at SPC, ensuring we provide clean, durable and attractive welds. It's this attention detail that enables us to yield excellent form, fit and function for all your metal store fixtures. You can trust you'll have consistency across the line, whether you have a short run or a high-volume rollout. You see, at SPC, it's important we help you fly in perfect formation.

Visit our portfolio to see a few examples of completed metal fixtures.