retail shopping cartSince 1960 SPC has provided retailers and brand marketers with retail store fixtures and POP displays that creatively, effectively and economically present your merchandise to your customers. In 2008 we decided to apply our Service. Performance. Commitment. philosophy to plastic shopping baskets, metal and plastic shopping carts, and re-useable shopping bags and bag racks, to make it easy for consumers to carry your merchandise from shelves and floors, throughout the stores, and right to their vehicles.

Each metal and plastic shopping cart, and convenience cart, is available in a wide range of colored plastic, and the metal frames of the shopping carts can be ordered in various powder coat finishes. All retail shopping carts with child seats come with child safety straps. Shopping carts can be personalized with your logo on the handrail, and/or with a sign holder that allows you to change promotional messages. Plastic shopping baskets can also be personalized with store or brand logos.

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Please visit our portfolio to see a few examples of our metal and plastic shopping carts and plastic shopping baskets.