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Hanger Management

The Hanger Caddy™ hanger storage system from SPC Display Group is a real money saver. It's easy to forget how much hangers cost, but employee time spent carting hangers around, as well as untangling and sorting them, adds up fast. And it's time these employees could be devoting to customer service. You also should consider hanger breakage and the simple unsightliness of boxes full of tangled hangers in your stores.

The Hanger Caddy hanger management system offers many important advantages, including:

  • Automatically sorts and organizes hangers by style at point of sale
  • Choice of carts for easy transport from the selling floor to the stockroom or distribution center
  • Virtually eliminates hanger tangling and breakage
  • Saves costly resorting time
  • Mounts easily under cash wraps or on the stock room wall
  • Features a unique gravity feed
  • Features sturdy construction, which helps eliminate replacement costs
  • Requires little employee discipline
  • Pays for itself in as little as 9 months
  • Constitutes a complete recycling system
  • Includes backroom hanger storage rack options


SPC Hanger Caddy hanger storage systems maximize efficiency. SPC Hanger Caddy hanger systems are also the only ones offering so many important money-saving features, at such an affordable price. Here's just a few of the many benefits of our system:

Easy Loading and Unloading:

  • Remove hangers one at a time or by the handful, tangle-free
  • Load and unload hangers without breakage
  • Patented design forces sorting at point of sale

Easy Storage:

  • Store loaded hanger caddies in the stock room
  • Slide hangers into 12" x 18" x 30" boxes
  • Hanger necks already correctly positioned to eliminate resorting
  • Use loaded caddy right at re-hangering position

Different Configurations to Suit Different Needs:

  • Mounts under a cash wrap or on a wall in the dressing room or stock room
  • Stands next to or behind the counter
  • Group up to four caddies in as little as 22 square inches


Hanger Caddy CartHanger Caddy Cart:

  • Simplifies transporting Hanger Caddy
  • Holds up to 1,100 hangers
  • Available in several sizes
  • Can be used for other transfer purposes

Mobile Folding Table:

  • Saves valuable employee time
  • Ergonomically-friendly to help protect against back injury
  • Move garments from boxes to hangers in the back room, on the sales floor, or wherever folding needs to be done
  • Re-hang garments that have separated from hangers on the retail floor


View Hanger Caddy Management System Demonstration
View Hanger Caddy Management System Demonstration