Sam Pievac Company Evolves to SPC Display Group

To more accurately reflect the continued evolution in staff size, sales, product offerings and capabilities that have been on-going since its founding in 1960 by Sam Pievac, the Sam Pievac Company (SPC), has changed its corporate name, and associated corporate identity, to SPC Display Group.

The name change more accurately identifies SPC Display Group as a global resource for custom and standard retail store fixtures and consumer brand POP displays. Though still a domestic manufacturer, in 1982 SPC began a manufacturing partnership in China that led to the construction in 2007 of a state-of-the-art 500,000 square foot facility in Xiamen, China. Through the years SPC has grown their in-house design department, and also expanded product offerings to not only include standard wire, metal, MDF and plastic fixtures and displays, but also custom fixtures and displays, shopping carts and bags, printed signage, and the Hanger Caddy hanger management system.

"After recently celebrating 50 years as the Sam Pievac Company, we feel now is the perfect time to reposition ourselves for the continued growth and expansion we intend to have over the next 50 years," states Mr. Scott Pievac, CEO and Chairman of SPC Display Group. Mr. Pievac continues, "I'm very proud of everything my father, Sam, created. I'm also quite proud of what we accomplished together in the 1970's and 80's; and of everything my entire team has helped me accomplish since becoming President in 1988. Our on-going growth, and evolution as a full-service provider of custom designed store fixtures and POP displays, is due in great part to our customers, and to the many exciting challenges they've invited us to assist them with. Of course we're not completely satisfied just yet. We know we can continue to help our customers grow, and we certainly look forward to doing so as the SPC Display Group."

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